Dean Schwinabart, RT (T)

Senior Radiation Therapist

Dean Schwinabart, RT (T) is a registered Radiation Therapist with 21 years of experience effectively treating Cancer patients around the country. He graduated in 1995 in Radiation Therapy from Bellevue College in Seattle, WA, and then returned to Oregon where he started his career. After working for almost 17 years in Oregon he chose to take his career on the road and travel as a locum therapist, which provided the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge and skills from various cancer centers over a two year period. He decided to return to Oregon but after several wet seasons he began searching for a place to relocated where he could continue treating patients and enjoy quality of life. Dean joined our team in November and is looking forward to making Maui home. His compassion and empathy for his patients and their families are some of his strongest assets he brings to our Maui team and works alongside our entire team of caregivers. Dean and his wife Julieann are excited about their new life on Maui and with seven children in high school/college they are bound to have frequent guests.