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Pacific Cancer Institute team

The experts at Pacific Cancer Institute are here to help you. Our Radiation Oncology team consists of board-certified radiation oncologists, nurses, dosimetrist, medical physicist, dietitian and support staff working together closely to meet all your needs during your time in our care. Our team works closely with medical oncologists, surgeons and other specialists. This multidisciplinary approach helps us determine the most effective treatment plan for your particular health challenge.

Our radiation oncologist, a medical doctor who specializes in the use of radiation for treating cancer, is your physician throughout this process. The type of radiation used for each individual patient will depend on several factors, including the type of cancer being treated, its location within the body and proximity to other organs, tissues, arteries and nerves, whether it has spread to other organs. Each patient’s radiation treatments are customized and uniquely crafted based on that patient’s circumstances. Your radiation oncologist is responsible for deciding what method of radiation therapy is best for your case and will plan and direct your treatment. Before, during and after your radiation therapy, your radiation oncologist works closely with other cancer doctors such as medical oncologists and surgeons to maximize radiation’s effectiveness.

A nurse practicioner is a master’s prepared advanced practice nurse who can diagnose, treat and prescribe. Our nurse practitioner assesses and examines you, coordinates your care and guides you through your treatment course from the very beginning all the way through your long term follow up. During your treatment course, s/he will also assess, monitor and manage your side effects and symptoms as well as take your phone calls, answer your questions and prescribe medications as necessary.

Our medical physicist works with the dosimetrist and the radiation oncologist to measure the precision of your treatment plan, and works with the equipment to calculate the best angles to treat your tumor, or tumor site. Our medical physicist also runs frequent safety checks and makes sure that our equipment is working properly.

Our dosimetrist works closely with the radiation oncologist and the medical physicist to design your treatment. The dosimetrist determines the best angles from which to deliver the radiation, prescribes the length of time for each pulse of radiation, and develops strategies on how best to avoid giving radiation to healthy tissue in your body.

Our radiation therapist will conduct your treatment each session. S/he will position you on the treatment table, run the equipment, and work very closely with the medical physicist during your treatment.

Our radiation nurse coordinates your care, helps you learn about treatment and how to manage any side effects that you might experience.

Oncology Physicians

Treatment Team

In Hawaiian, Nãnã i Ke Kumu means “look to your source.” Get grounded within your sense of self. We, at the Pacific Cancer Institute work closely with The Pacific Cancer Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) located in Wailuku, Maui. The Pacific Cancer Foundation is dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families deal with this confusing time in their life by offering options for finding focus or clarity and supporting their sense of self. In that spirit, our patients have access to additional expertise from the Pacific Cancer Foundation listed below. The Pacific Cancer Foundation provides free support services for Maui’s Cancer Community. You can learn more about the Pacific Cancer Foundation’s support services by visiting their website at www.pacificcancerfoundation.org.